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Assembly of a Glass Repair Vacuum Pump for the Glass Repair Industry

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After helping to design this vacuum pump, we assembled and tested it as well
After helping to design this vacuum pump, we assembled and tested it as well

At Extended Resources, we are committed to not only providing quality products to meet our customer’s needs, but also to evolving our services to grow along with the needs of our clients.

A customer in the Glass Repair Industry came to us initially for our screen printing services. We were first contracted to print labels, however as our relationship with this client grew so did the services that we provided. The labels we originally produced indicated operation features of their windshield repair systems. The printing of the labels grew to include their application, which grew into assembly of the system, which grew to include assembly as well as the manufacturing of all of the wiring harnesses. We are currently under contract for the assembly of 1,000 units per year.

As our customer’s needs grew into vacuum pump design and assembly, so did our offerings and expertise in the area. The customer came to us for assistance with manufacturing a modification for the vacuum pump. As we worked together to design the pump, it made perfect sense for us, the designers, to also assemble the product, as well as print and laminate labels for it. As the pumps were being assembled, we underwent in-process testing, including development of a test fixture to measure the vacuum of the pump utilizing the actual apparatus and test gauges. Using customer supplied assembly instructions, over 100 pumps were assembled and labeled within 7 days and shipped to the customer’s location in Westerville, Ohio. The customer was so pleased with our quality and turnaround, that they’ve placed regular repeat orders. We currently provide this customer with 1,000 pieces annually, in orders of 100.

Extended Resources is more than a printing house; we are a value added manufacturer who can evolve to meet our customer’s needs. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive offerings.

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Highlights of this Vacuum Pump Diagram Manufacturing and Pump Assembly Project

Vacuum Pump Assembly This Vacuum Pump is used to fix cracks in glass. We Manufactured the pump diagram label as well as assembled the pump itself.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Wiring
    • Crimping
    • End Termination
  • Apply Pump Diagram Label
  • Print Pump Diagram Label

Steel Rule Die Cutting

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Semi-Automatic Clamshell Screen Printing Press
Power Cutter
Custom Test Fixtures
Clam Shell Die Cutter
Overall Part Dimensions
Diagram Label
Length: 3.125"
Width: 3.625"
Vacuum Enclosure: 5.75" X 5.75" X 3"
Material Used Clear Vinyl
Nut, Hex 10-32 Zinc
Screw, Pan Head Phillips Machine 10-32 X 1/2'' Zinc
Terminal, Insulated Female Disconnect Crimp .250 Tab 14-16 AWG
Wire, 3'' Yellow Terminated Both Ends
Wire, 3'' Black Terminated One End
Ass'y, Yellow ''Y'' Jumper Wire Terminated
Screw, Phillips Flat Type AB Black #6-20 x 1/2''
Metal box and vacuum hose provided by customer
Material Finish Matte
In process testing/inspection performed Test Fixture Developed to Measure Vacuum of Pump Utilizing Actual Apparatus
And Test Gauges
Industry for Use Glass Repair Industry
1000 pc orders per year in releases of 100 pcs
Overall: 100 per order, multiple orders per year
Self Drilling Black Screw: 200
Terminated Yellow "Y" Jumper Wire: 100
3" Black Terminated Wire (One End): 100
3" Yellow Terminated Wire (Both Ends): 100
Insulated Female Disconnect Crimp: 200
Polyurethane Foam: 100
Pan Head Philips Machine Screw: 400
Zinc Hex Nut: 400
Diagram Label: 92
Diagram Label: 100
A list of components provided by the client protected under an NDA
Delivery/Turnaround Time 5-7 Day production Cycle
Delivery Location Westerville, Ohio
Standards Met Customer supplied assembly instructions
Product Name Glass Repair Vacuum Pump AND Diagram Label
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