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Products & Services


Polycarbonate (Lexan) Overlays

Extended Resources custom designs and fabricates polycarbonate (Lexan) overlays that are ideal for recessed moldings, switch assemblies, and front panel graphics. We meet any Lexan overlay design requirement such as backlighting, panel cut-outs and harsh/hazardous environmental conditions. Selective or full surface texturing options are available for hard coats as well as aesthetic enhancements.

With conventional screen and digital printing processes, Extended Resources fabricates a wide variety of polycarbonate overlays for production quantities ranging from one piece to thousands. Most overlays are produced by printing on the second surface (on the back) to protect the image and utilize the added effects provided by the ...

Plastic Directional Signs

Plastic, Metal, Wood & Magnetic Signs

With a company-wide 'green' initiative, Extended Resources custom manufactures signs by using biodegradable and recyclable materials. We utilize digital and screen printing processes, as well as vinyl computer graphic applications for products that include:

  • Magnetic directional signs
  • Vinyl signs
  • Fleet Markings
  • Menu strips
  • Identification cards
  • Calendars
  • Vehicle signs

For vehicle graphics and signage applications, we provide 0.030" vinyl magnetic material that conforms to DOT Requirements. In addition to screen and digital printing, our acrylic and plastic signage can be laminated with other materials for emphasized color and/or effect. The CNC routers ...


Nameplates & Product Identifications

Extended Resources specializes in low to high volume production of custom nameplates, data plates, serial plates, information plates and product identifications. The nameplate and product identification materials can be used independently or combined with color, texture and/or patterns to provide a desired appearance for printed graphic presentations, name branding recognition and logo representation.

Custom fabrication and modification can be included for features such as additional effects, heavy duty requirements, high temperature environments, and serial number identifications. In addition, Extended Resources can add a protective, over-laminate film, such as pre-masks and pre-cleans, in order to provide temporary protection ...


Custom Labels & Decals

Extended Resources uses screen printing, digital printing and roll labeling to make custom labels and decals. These pressure sensitive adhesive products are usually informational, warning, descriptive or advertising in nature but can also be multifunctional.

Our design services provide expertise in matching the proper adhesive, construction and thickness for the end user's temporary or permanent installation requirements. We can fabricate die-cut shapes from materials such as polyester, polycarbonate, polypropylene, vinyl, acetate and thin gauge aluminum.

Custom labels and decals include:

  • Threading Diagrams
  • Warning labels
  • Assembly information
  • Regulatory and compliance ...


Engineered Plastic Assemblies

Extended Resources produces engineered plastic assemblies with complex and multiple part components. Our complete service package includes procuring, fabricating, modifying and assembling each plastic assembly. Extended Resources utilizes in-house high-quality screen and digital printing processes for decorative detailing of graphics, company logos, diagrams and any other aesthetic feature.

We maintain a close customer interaction to ensure we meet every detail and design constraint. For products requiring design assistance, our experienced staff will advise on a variety of materials, such as extruded, injection molded, formed, and/or cast plastics.

Engineered plastic assemblies include:

  • Lens assemblies ...


Custom Digital Graphics

For small volume or large format applications, Extended Resources offers digital printing services for high-resolution, presentation-quality graphics. We use the latest programs and revisions to accommodate product requirements for digitally printed solvents and UV ink options.

The digital graphic production process includes CNC routing, plot and die cutting and edge and shape contouring. Our finished products commonly require mounting hardware, back laminate adhesives and/or over-laminates. Digital printing products include:

  • Banners
  • Signs
  • Point of Purchase Graphics
  • Sign Faces/Inserts
  • Product Identification
  • Magnetic Signs
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Vinyl ...


Secondary Assemblies, Modifications & Packaging Services

Our objective at Extended Resources is to provide a single source for the entire production process at a competitive price. Besides our product design and manufacturing capabilities, we offer post-production requests, such as assembly, packaging, and delivery services.

With a flexible labor force, manual operations are handled efficiently with a short turnaround time. We specialize in receiving customer supplied materials that require part modifications to both electrical and mechanical components. Once fully assembled, we offer a variety of packaging choices, including blister packaging for small, retail products.

Our delivery system features custom labeling, bar-coding, lot control and FIFO product handling. We ...

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